The woodcock shooting at Markree Castle Ireland comprises a mixture of cover, mainly mature deciduous woodland (with some rhododendron cover and heavy leaf litter), new native woodland planting and bog-land; the woodcock’s ideal winter habitat. The castle owns shooting rights over 1000 acres within the estate wall and on adjacent lands, nearly all of which is within walking distance of the castle.

Historically and in recent years Markree has seen good numbers of woodcock offering good sport. Their flight is so unpredicatable that shots of every height and angle can be expected during the course of the day. Markree caters for the shooting enthusiast who likes the sport to be full of spontaneous incidents, unexpected challenges and surprises. Markree is now considered one of the premier locations for woodcock shooting in Ireland.

· Over 1000 acres of shooting around the castle
· 12 days of shooting per annum.
· Variety of cover, often including a snipe drive
· Well organised and co-ordinated
· Over 100 birds flushed on several days in recent years
· €200 per gun day, including lunch & tea

Contact: Charles Cooper;  charlescooper@markreecastle.ie or 071-9167800